FAQ for Abhinna Bangla

1.   How does “Abhinna Bangla” created?

2.   Who are the members of “Abhinna Bangla”?

3.   How to become a member of “Abhinna Bangla”?

4.   Who could be entitled to become member of “Abhinna Bangla”?

5.   Is “Abhinna Bangla”a Non-Profit organization?


6.   Do I need to pay to “Abhinna Bangla” for accommodation?

     NO.....accommodation is completely free here.

7.   How can I donate “Abhinna Bangla”?

    We are not in a position to collect donation because we are not yet registered with Govt. of India. But if any member/guest want to donate any already purchased material or if any member want to help us in our organization creation process with his/her own cost & effort, we can accept that.

8.   How can I work with “Abhinna Bangla” as a volunteer without becoming a member?

     Every guest of "Abhinna Bangla" is a volunteer here. If you have a set of right mentality to dedicate your service, you are always welcome. You also can support us remotely with your skill and work for us virtually.

9.   Is the organization “Abhinna Bangla” registered?

     NOT YET

10.   How safe and secure it is to stay in “Abhinna Bangla”?

       In past there was no bad incident happened here which is measurable or disappointing. All guest came, stayed, enjoyed and went back happily. We believe, staying at "Abhinna Bangla" is safe & secure.

11.   How to book my seat to stay “Abhinna Bangla”?

      You can place your stay request from a) Couch Surfing platform b) Through Whatsapp c) Through Email d) from our website e) you can call us directly and book your seat/room f) or you can come here directly to stay, but it is not recommended because if seat/space is not available, you may need to return back.

12.   What are the "HOUSE RULES" I need to know before I book my accommodation with "Abhinna Bangla"?

HOUSE RULES for “Abhinna Bangla” Guests & Members

1.        For FOREIGN GUEST: On the arrival of every new Foreign Guest;

a) Pls fill-up the C-Form (hard copy) as directed by Govt. of India. You can fill-up the form and take print out before you arrive here. Copy of C-Form (soft copy) will be available on your request to your WhatsApp number.

b) One Xerox copy of Passport + Visa needs to be submitted along with the form.

c) Original must be shown on arrival and to be scanned locally.

d) One alternate contact number must be provided to the host in case of any emergency.

 For INDIAN GUEST, on the arrival of every new Indian Guest;

a)     Aadhar card/Passport Xerox copy required to be submitted.

b)     Must show original on arrival and to be scanned locally.

c)     One alternate contact number must be provided to the host in case of any emergency.

2.     VERY IMPORTANT: a) We will ONLY host to a guest when the guest will also be able to host any of our member in future when required. b) Lazy Guest, not much socially connected, impunctual, incomplete profile, no clear reason for coming, not much interested to participate any activity, not keen to share experiences and irresponsible guests will not be entertained and will not get enough attention from our side. c) Before placing your stay request to us, it is recommended take your time and go through our profile thoroughly. d) When kids are there around you, it is expected that you spend some time with them and contribute/share something (like your language, travelling experience, games, good habits/practices, good memories, perform any sort of training etc.) with kids.

3.   No drugs are allowed in this premises.

4.     Smoking is allowed but only at Balcony and requested not to smoke in the gathering of kids/children.

5.     Alcohol consumption is permissible within premises, but after effect should not be disturbing to neighbors/others.

6.     The very First meal (lunch or dinner) will be offered to every “Abhinna Bangla” member as a complimentary by the host.

7.     The fully furnished “Kitchen + Bathroom” will be available for guest, which are common for both Guest & Host. Guest will have full freedom to cook/use as per their requirement/choice. Requested to keep both cleaned after use.

8.     All guests are requested, Bathroom should not be kept occupied for more than 10 minutes. Pls allow others to use it in their need.

9.     Private room will be allotted to ONLY COUPLES, otherwise all rooms will be always shared except some special cases.

10. This place is fully secured and safe for every guest, they do not need to worry about their personal materials/luggage. Still we must request to every guest to take personal care of their own belongings.

11. It would be appreciated if every guest shoots group/individual photos with host/AB members for our future reference. It also helps us to build up our community.

12.                      Accommodation is fully free for every “Abhinna Bangla” member as long as they stay but any additional expenditure should be taken care of by the guest.

13. It would be appreciated if the guest wake-up from sleep by 8.30 am – 9 am (IST morning), so that *Bedding material pack-up, *Cleaning home, *Cooking arrangement could be started.

14. The moment you entered here, please think that “It is your own home, it is your own family”. It would be highly appreciated if you do not hesitated for any need/service. We will try our best to provide you “Feel at Home” environment. This home is having a complete family environment. Guests are treated as God. No restrictions are there on any Guest as long as others are not being disturbed/uncomfortable by him/her.

15. We have no religion, we only believe that we are all human being and that's our religion. So people from every religion and every country are most welcome.

16. We do not have practice of discussing about religion, politics and any country's negativity, somehow it hurts to other people, so we do not entertain those topics.

17. Try to save electricity and water, turn light/fan off & keep water tap closed when not needed. Pls help us to reduce our daily cost.

18. Pls Note: Entertaining atmosphere (Smoking & Drinking) are very common here within this premises among Guests & Members (especially in the evening). Many parents/ aged persons may not be very comfortable with that and they may feel awkward/uneasy. So, guest should well aware before coming here.

19. We do have a steady rule/practice (optional) to cook food for every available members and eat together like a family…. Irrespective of their contribution.

20. Pls strictly maintain: Start the water pump at 7:45 am (morning) for 10 min and if required start the water pump at 4:45 pm (evening) for 10 min.

21. At 3:00pm shut the windows of the balcony to avoid mosquito bite.

22. We have been advised/suggested by other “Abhinna Bangla” members to collect as a donation/contribution any small amount from every new “Abhinna Bangla” member for managing the routine/regular expenditures like;
Monthly Electricity Bill
Monthly Cooking Gas bill
Monthly Internet Bill
House Tax bill
House maintenance, mosquito coil & home cleaning materials

Tea, Coffee & Spice materials ...... supply to Guest/Member.


By Order     Piyali Das (Didi)  for "Abhinna Bangla"

13.   Can I place instant stay request on the same day?

     YES...mostly possible but not recommended.

14.   How many properties does “Abhinna Bangla” have in India?

     We have only one property in India/Kolkata which is our own.

15.   How many properties does “Abhinna Bangla” have in Bangladesh?

     We have one rented property in Bangladesh in Dhanmundi, Dhaka. Abhinna Bangla members can visit there and stay.

16.   How many branches does “Abhinna Bangla” have in India and Bangladesh?

    Officially we have two branches (Kolkata & Dhaka) but few of our members from both countries (India/Bangladesh) are dedicatedly supporting us by giving there property to use for other "Abhinna Bangla" members when and where required.

17.   Is the accommodation is completely Free in “Abhinna Bangla”?

    YES....accommodation is completely FREE. You may need to take care of your own associate costs. 

18.   Is there any additional charges I may need to pay apart from accommodation?

    YES.....apart from accommodation (which is free), every single additional expenditure should be taken care by you only.

19.   What are the food arrangement for the guest in “Abhinna Bangla”?

     We provide very normal but healthy family food for every guest. The very First meal (lunch or dinner) will be offered to every “Abhinna Bangla” member as a complimentary (free) by the host.

20.   Maximum how many days can I stay there in “Abhinna Bangla”?

     Normally we allow 3 days (at a stretch) to stay here but any good/sober member/guest can stay here longer then that. Also, in case of any emergency with valid reason, we allow longer stay here to the guest/member.

21.   Can I attend those events organized by “Abhinna Bangla” without becoming their member?

    YES....they are open for everyone.

22.   Do you have any membership charges?

     NO....currently we do not charge for any new membership but is near future it will be applicable and every member may need to pay monthly membership fees.

23.   What would be my role, if I become member of “Abhinna Bangla”?

    There are many activities where you can participate as a volunteer. You can assist us in a) Cooking b) Keeping entire place cleaned c) Finding and sharing new developing Ideas d) helping in accounts e) website/social media creation and its maintenance etc.

24.   Can I support “Abhinna Bangla” from outside, without visiting there physically?

     YES of course you can. a) Varieties of Technological support b) Allowing our member to stay at your place c) Sending helpful/good/sober guest to "Abhinna Bangla" d) Giving us good suggestion and ideas to make "Abhinna Bangla" better. e) Assisting us in any Governmental activity etc.

25.   What is the mission of “Abhinna Bangla”?

     Our current Mission is to continue providing of FREE accommodation to all our Bangladeshi Brothers & Friends, who will wish to visit India. Bangladeshi patients will get first preference among them...... especially who are financially weak. At the same time we will make sure that Indian & Foreign guests are also getting chance to stay here when space available.

26.   What is the future vision of “Abhinna Bangla”?

27.   In how many different ways I can contact with “Abhinna Bangla”?

       You have all possible ways to contact us. Website, Phone call, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email, Couch Surfing, Physical visit etc.

28.   Apart from India & Bangladesh, can any other citizen from different countries stay there?

       YES.....anyone from any country can stay in "Abhinna Bangla" as a guest.

29.   Apart from India & Bangladesh, can any other citizen from different countries become member of “Abhinna Bangla”?

       YES.....anyone from any country can become Member of "Abhinna Bangla". 

30.   Can I offer my place associating with “Abhinna Bangla” to accommodate guest?

        YES....that would be great......although some of our members are already providing us this facility.

31.   Is “Abhinna Bangla” a Non-Religious organization?

       YES....100%       We do not believe in a particular religion, basically we have no religion. We believe there are only one religion on the Earth and that is "Humanity".

32.   Is “Abhinna Bangla” a Non-Political organization?

YES....we are not attached with any political party and we do not have any member who is politically involved. We are a "Non-Political Organization".

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